If you’re pregnant with your first baby, you are likely putting a lot of faith in your physician to guide you. With 90% of women choosing an OB/GYN provider for pregnancy, it’s important to find a great one. If you can find an OB/GYN that makes you feel comfortable and seems genuinely invested in your well-being, you are a lucky lady. Learn some ways to choose a great OB/GYN for your first pregnancy below.

Understand the Care OB/GYNs Provide

OB/GYNs are trained as surgeons, specializing in the complications that can involve a woman’s reproductive organs. OB/GYNs are not the best choice for normal, healthy pregnancies because they usually take a more medical approach to pregnancy than is necessary. Consider midwives or family practitioners as your primary care provider if your area allows them to deliver babies. Unfortunately, the hospital in our city does not allow midwives to deliver babies, but usually hospitals do. Learn more about your choices for a doctor during pregnancy as well as what care you should expect from an OB/GYN in this great post.

Choosing a Great OB/GYN for your first pregnancy can be really important to get the guidance you need! Read these tips to help!

Ask For Recommendations From Friends

It is hard to find a great OB/GYN because word of mouth spreads fast and great doctors get booked up! Ask around to everyone you know who has had a baby their opinion of their physician. If you know someone who has achieved the kind of labor and delivery scenario you are hoping for, weigh their opinions more heavily. I wasn’t very happy with any of the three different OB/GYNs that I sought care from during my three pregnancies. I saw a midwife for part of my son Nick’s pregnancy and I really liked her. Unfortunately, my husband really wanted me to deliver in the hospital just in case, so I was stuck with OB/GYNs even though I preferred midwifery care. Fortunately, I had my doula there to trust in and provide some counter viewpoints from the medical model my OB/GYN insisted on.

Do Not Be Afraid to Switch Providers

You can change your OB/GYN provider at any point in your pregnancy. More than likely, the OB/GYN you’ve seen during your pregnancy isn’t guaranteed to deliver your baby in the hospital anyways. You oftentimes get whichever OB/GYN is on call at that time. If you are not jiving with your OB/GYN provider or you aren’t getting the guidance you hoped from them, you should find another. I had a different OB/GYN for each of my pregnancies. It is up to you to seek the care you need.

Discuss Your Birth Plan & Come Prepared With Questions

Your provider cannot read your mind and they might not know what you hope your labor and delivery will look like. Be sure to discuss your ideal scenarios with them and run through a birth plan so you are both on the same page. Do not just print and hand them a birth plan, read it with them so they can ask questions about why you chose what you did. If you don’t know much about writing a birth plan, start here. As questions arise during pregnancy and planning for delivery, write them down so you don’t forget to ask them to your OB/GYN during check-ups.

My birth plan had to change when I ended up having an induction with my third baby. Read my birth story here.

Hire a Doula

I cannot stress enough how beneficial hiring a doula was to my pregnancies. A doula is not trained as a medical professional, but they are a supportive advocate for whatever kind of birth experience you desire. Even if you want an epidural and are totally okay with medical intervention during delivery, a doula can still provide emotional support to help you process the stresses that come with labor, delivery, and beyond. Their holistic approach is a great compliment to the medical model OB/GYNs follow, giving you a range of advice from different viewpoints in any scenario that might come up. If you’re in central Minnesota, consider hiring my doula who is the best in the area!

Choose a Great OB/GYN For Your First Pregnancy

You can choose a great OB/GYN for your first pregnancy if you head this advice. Don’t settle for an OB/GYN you aren’t happy with, it will really matter when it is time to deliver. I hope you enjoyed this article! Tell me, did you like your OB/GYN provider or did they do something to upset you? Would you recommend your OB/GYN to a friend?

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Choose A Great OB/GYN for Your First Pregnancy
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2 thoughts on “Choose A Great OB/GYN for Your First Pregnancy

  • May 8, 2017 at 12:02 PM

    When I first got pregnant I had a GYNO, so I was on the hunt for OB/GYN. I went off ratings online. We had our first visit and it was 2 hours long, with waiting, paperwork and seeing the doctor. It was a horrible experience and I remember just crying because I was not happy. I gave the second appointment a chance and it was just as worse as the first doctor. Anyways, I asked a friend and she recommend an office with amazing doctors. I could not have been more blessed to have the doctors and nurses that I did. So I was one who changed providers about 12 weeks into my pregnancy and it was the BEST thing I could have done!

    And you are so right about your doctor not being the one to deliver. So I would encourage you see as many doctors in the practice as possible so that you become more comfortable.

    Awesome post! You nailed it all!

    • May 8, 2017 at 10:25 PM

      The doctor can make such a huge difference in your pregnancy and delivery experience! I’m so happy your story is a happy one, too often women experience trauma from their physician’s choices during birth. Thanks for commenting Lisa!



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