So much excitement is bubbling in me writing this post, hopefully I can brighten your day in this rainy weather. I finally got around to fixing up the barn window table my sister accidentally broke. I had to remove the window tabletop because the window pane glass broke. Instead, I was inspired to turn this piece of furniture into a farmhouse table with a wood top.

white barn window console table

This is what the table used to look like with the window. In its place I built a tabletop from 1 x 3’s stained in espresso to contrast the white.

Farmhouse table custom handbuilt piece of furniture.
Even though this piece no longer has a sentimental story behind it without the barn window, I actually like the espresso tabletop more!

This farmhouse table was easy to build and the contrasting espresso stained wood with the white painted wood looks great!
Ok, so I have two pieces of exciting news to share with you! Here’s the first: I am going to GIVEAWAY this piece of furniture to whomever wins my contest. You can use it as a desk, table, console, kitchen island, or whatever. It measures 30″ tall, 21.5″ deep, and 42″ wide. The contest begins today and ends June 3rd!

I love this farmhouse inspired table and the simplistic lines of the furniture. You could even use it as a desk or island!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Promote my blog however you see fit. You can invite friends to like my Facebook page, follow me on Pinterest, share this giveaway, or just invite your friends to read my blog with a message on your page.
  2. Whenever you promote it, use the hashtag #welcometothewoods so that I can see your efforts.
  3. Whomever does the most promotion over the course of those two weeks WINS the GIVEAWAY and this beautiful farmhouse table.

Rustic tabltop decor farmhouse inspired look

Here’s the catch:

  1. You have to be able to pick up the piece in person from my home. I live in central Minnesota and will not be able to deliver or ship this piece of furniture.
  2. The winner is to be chosen by June 6th at my discretion. I will use the hashtag to search on all social media channels and view what you have done to promote my blog.

Easy to build farmhouse table design made from 2 x 4's!

I’m hoping this giveaway will bring some growth and new readers to my blog!

Farmhouse inspired table made from 2 x 4's and 1 x 3's super easy design!

Now on to the second bit of exciting news! I have been invited to be an ambassador for Hometalk and present on a Facebook Live show Wednesday at 2 pm! I will be demonstrating something many of my readers have been wanting to know for a long time: how to paint like this…

A large wall canvas you can diy for your living room with a curtain panel and scrap 2 x 4 wood!

This wall canvas art has become my most successful post EVER and now you can learn how to recreate something similar. Join me on Wednesday at 2 pm central time, 3 pm eastern time for my Facebook Live presentation streaming on my blog’s Facebook page.

There you have it, I’m giving away this farmhouse table AND I’m presenting for Hometalk this week. Big things are happening with my blog! Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Signature welcome to the woods

Farmhouse Table GIVEAWAY and Big News!

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