This past September, my eldest sister Anne was married. I’ve mentioned Anne many times on my blog before because she is incredibly creative and one of the most talented artists I know (check out her blog here). Anne asked me to help her create some unique boutonnieres for her wedding. Instead of traditional flowers, Anne purchased feathers from Etsy and we assembled the boutonnieres ourselves. This feather boutonniere craft was fun and turned out darling.

Photo tutorial for creating feather boutonnieres.

Tools & Materials Needed

Various feathers (she purchased peacock and guinea feathers to name a few)
Tape (we used a mixture of floral and scotch tape)
Pins to stick them on!

The first step was to prepare the feathers. These white feathers we folded over and taped the bottom to the tip. This created a fun, spiky shape that formed the base of the boutonniere.

Folding a feather and taping it down can reveal a whole new shape!

Alongside the spiky white feather, we used scissors to trim the wispy strands on the peacock feather and create a nice shape.

Starting with the white feather at the bottom, we layered the peacock feather and then guinea feathers on top.

DIY tutorial for a handmade feather boutonniere for your wedding.

To secure them together, we wrapped all the feather’s bases in tape.

The clear tape was then covered with green floral tape to make it look more appealing. Next, we thread a button through a piece of string until it was centered. We placed the button at the top and then crisscrossed the string, wrapping it around the floral tape.

How to make a feather boutonniere

At the bottom, we tied off the string and cut the excess.

Think outside the norm and replace spendy flower boutonnieres with handmade feather pins that look so unique and beautiful!

They turned out so cute! Each man wearing a feather boutonniere at the wedding had to field multiple questions of who made them. Everyone loved the idea!

This feather boutonniere craft is a brilliant alternative to expensive flowers at your wedding.
What other unique ideas have you seen for boutonnieres instead of flowers? What did the boutonnieres at your wedding look like?

Thanks for reading!
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Feather Boutonniere Craft

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