I wanted to add some holiday cheer to our annual Christmas photo this year so I put together a giant wreath! This project was very easy and I think it turned out cute. If you remember, I have made photo props in the past for my friend Sara’s engagement photos. Check those out when you are done with this giant wreath Christmas photo prop tutorial…

Making a giant wreath for a Christmas photo prop, start by taping two pool noodles together
Get started by duct taping two pool noodles together.

Duct tape two pool noodles together to make a giant wreath
Now you have a form that looks like this. It is not perfectly round, but that’s okay because the evergreen garland will make it more sturdy.

Wrap soft garland around pool noodles to make a VERY large evergreen wreath as Christmas decor
I started wrapping around the garland by tying the end in a knot around the pool noodle. When the garland was done, I tucked the end under another piece wrapped around. This was a 50 foot soft green garland I picked up after Christmas on clearance two years ago. It is exactly like this one on Amazon. They are a little pricey, but you can use them for SO many decorative projects at holiday time, indoor AND outdoor.

Large evergreen wreath with red bow for exterior home decor at Christmas time, photo prop, or anything!
Then I added a big red bow for good cheer.
When it was time to arrange our kids inside the wreath for the photo, we had some challenges.

Christmas photo prop, GIANT wreath tutorial

But eventually I shot a great photo! If you don’t know how to take your own family photos for Christmas, visit this blog post to help. Basically, a steady surface or tripod and a timer on the camera are all you need!

Make a GIANT wreath Christmas photo prop! Easy tutorial when you click.

My husband and I had to hold the wreath so that it would look circular; the pool noodles were not as sturdy as if you used a hula hoop or something.

Here is another photo I got of all of us (without the giant wreath Christmas photo prop). Learn more about my family on our Meet the Woods page.

If you are looking for an easy way to add cheer in your family picture this season, make this giant wreath Christmas photo prop! Here is how the photo is going to look on our Christmas cards.

Holiday card preview

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please pin the following image and join me again next week!

DIY tutorial make a GIANT wreath Christmas photo prop this season for family pictures.

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Giant Wreath Christmas Photo Prop

4 thoughts on “Giant Wreath Christmas Photo Prop

  • November 21, 2017 at 2:11 PM

    Beautiful pictures – p.s. I like Theo’s face in the first one!

  • November 21, 2017 at 2:40 PM

    That charming beyond belief! Darling looking kids. Well done.


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