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I am big fan of giving heartfelt, unique, and handmade gifts to those I care about. For weddings, I’ve made wooden signs and clocks. I’ve created something handmade for a housewarming party, baby shower, Christmas, and birthdays. But what if you run out of time to make something yourself? What if you don’t feel you have the crafty skills to create something your recipient would want? Let me introduce you to gifts from Uncommon Goods.

If your hand lettering isn't the best, consider purchasing handmade gifts from UnCommon Goods instead of making something.Your hand lettering isn’t that good? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I recently learned about Uncommon Goods and was really impressed by the unique selection of gifts on their site. I became even more excited about their selection when I learned that half of what they sell are handmade gifts by artists and designers. Plus, a third of the gifts incorporate recycled or upcycled materials! You know how I love to upcycle.

Even though Uncommon Goods gifts are a bit more expensive than I would usually spend, when I add up the time and materials it takes me to create a gift myself, it easily justifies the cost. Most selections in their home décor line cost between $30-$100, so the price point is just right for a wedding gift. With Mother’s Day coming up soon, consider giving your mom a unique handmade gift from their garden décor. There’s a lot to love on their site.

My favorite item at Uncommon Goods is the cinema light box. I am planning to get one as a gift for my friend who absolutely LOVES movies as a housewarming gift. With the lights involved, this gift would be near impossible for me to make handmade. Thank goodness for Uncommon Goods offering unique and handmade gifts to save the day.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned next week when I share a recent furniture flip I completed!

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Handmade Gifts From UnCommon Goods

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