I became a mom at age 20. Being a young mom has had its ups and downs, for sure. Read this relatable list of what it's like being a young mom.

What It Is Like Being A Young Mom

I became pregnant with my first child when I was 20. Now at 25, my husband and I have three beautiful, healthy children. I am very proud of my family and the lifestyle I chose, but being a young mom has presented a unique set of challenges and benefits in ...
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Big News for the summer on Welcome to the Woods blog!

3 Best Parenting Books To Read This Year

I always had this idea of what kind of parent I was going to be, and for a long while, I carried out my vision with patience and persistence. Ever since I entered the more challenging years of toddlerhood, this idea has slowly eroded. It's only gotten harder to keep ...
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5 Tips for Staying Sane with Kids. Great advice for if you run a daycare, have multiple children, or even for just one child! I especially love #1!

5 Tips for Staying Sane With Kids

As my pregnancy progresses, I'm finding it harder and harder to stay sane. Those hormones mixed with two energetic toddlers sometimes leaves me frazzled, or even worse, losing my temper. I searched the other night on Pinterest "Tips for Staying Sane with Kids" and found a plethora of ideas. Here ...
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A list of some great New Years resultions for moms this year!

My New Years Resolutions as a Mom

Hey everyone! I hope you celebrated a festive and fun Christmas this past weekend! As we look forward to the new year, I'm thinking a lot of what resolutions I plan to make. I am always someone trying to improve, especially in my parenting techniques and personal flaws. And, as ...
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Learn to control your temper with your kids using these three effective tactics!

Learn to Control Your Temper With Your Kids

I have a secret. My secret is very difficult to share. I have a temper. Like a blow the roof off the house temper. And it's something I'm so ashamed of because I know it damages my relationship with my kids and hinders my efforts to enact positive parenting. I ...
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parenting language parent discipline talk to kids children

Parenting Language & Mindset

For the last few months I've been working hard on my language. Not my swearing--although I shouldn't do that as often as I do--but my parenting language. The words I choose to say to my children. Some say actions speak louder than words, but sometimes that's not the case. The ...
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Habits of Productive Parents - Welcome to the Woods Blog

Habits of Productive Parents

I'm an innately productive person. I wake up in the morning and get to work. I'm happiest when I'm improving, creating, and producing results. Even if you don't have that drive inside you, I want to share ways you can boost your productivity that even the most unmotivated can do ...
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Advice for New Parents - a great tip for how to take care of a newborn and your relationship with your spouse

Advice for New Parents

I know a few people who are expecting this summer and so lately I've been contemplating all those changes that come when you welcome a new baby into the world. It can be such an emotional time. At a baby shower the other week, I was asked to share a ...
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5 Subjects That Should Be Taught in School

5 Subjects That Should Be Taught In School

Lately, Stephen and I have been talking a lot about our future. We don't plan to live in our current home forever, and the location of our next house depends a lot on school district. We live in an area with interesting education choices, one of Minnesota's best and one ...
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how to discipline less and raise a cooperative child

How to Discipline Less

Here's the thing about discipline. It is assumed the more you discipline, correct, reign in, and guide your children, the better people they'll end up. However, sometimes it feels like the more you discipline, the more kids act out, causing you to discipline them more. I feel like I keep ...
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pallet sign family values rules decor discipline

Pallet Sign for Discipline & Decor

This project I'm sharing today is a perfect marriage between meaningful decor and practical parenting - exactly what my blog is about! You may remember an inspirational pallet sign I made about two years ago that reminds my family to be a reflection of good in the world. For myself, ...
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Adorable baby cooing

Why You Should Vaccinate Your Kids

Recently, my husband and I revisited the topic of vaccinating our children with the CDC's recommended immunization schedule. It was sparked by a documentary I watched by Jeff Hays entitled, "Bought." It is a really compelling argument against vaccinations. It pretends to be objective, but it doesn't present one positive ...
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Beach ocean lagoon chankanaab cozumel

Preparing to Vacation Without the Kids

Right now, my husband and I are on our very first vacation in Cozumel, Mexico. We've had "vacations" before, going to the Wisconsin Dells, taking road trips, etc, but nothing as major as this. We both applied for our first passports because of this trip! We will be in Cozumel ...
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10 Reasons I’m Grateful to be a Mom

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is one of the few holidays I feel is centered around something extremely universal: giving thanks. Every person in the world has something to give thanks for, even if it may not seem like it. This holiday helps us search out our ...
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5 Reasons to stop watching TV

5 Reasons to Stop Watching TV

It seems children now-a-days are being raised more by television than their parents. Most children today are experiencing SEVEN hours a day of screen time, according to the AAP. Recently my son had his one year check up and the pediatrician handed me the AAP's guidelines for children's screen time ...
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Raise a Daughter With High Self-Esteem

Don't let the title of this post fool you, I do not know how exactly to accomplish this task. I have no sure-fire way of knowing whether my ideas will in fact result in a daughter with high self-esteem. This post is better deemed a hypothesis. I have a hypothesis ...
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The Definition of a Good Parent

I was sitting at the Target cafe eating lunch with my kids the other day when a middle-aged woman smiled and introduced herself. "Your children are so cute!" she said. "I can tell you are a great mom. It's nice to see a good mother now-a-days, there are so few." ...
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marriage holding hands spouses

The Most Important Parenting Lesson

At one point while we were engaged, Stephen said he worried about marrying me because he knew I would love our kids more than anything. I remember being taken aback by this statement, thinking, 'Of course I will love our kids more than anything, they are my own sweat and ...
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What It Takes to be A Stay At Home Parent

There's this article that keeps popping up my Facebook news feed that really annoys me. Basically, it is a SAHD (stay at home dad) who is apologizing for degrading the SAHM (stay at home mom) in the past because now he does it and it's awful. His detailed account of ...
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