My sister Paula recently moved into a new office space and asked for my help making it come to life. I’ve already shared her faux brick and plaster wall¬†she created in the space, and today I get to share a project we worked on together. We built a tall, reclaimed barn wood¬†reception desk working off of an existing piece of furniture Paula purchased for $30.

Old desk revamped into a pallet wood reception desk.
Our plan was to cover the piece in reclaimed barn wood from my other sister’s barn renovation.

Revamping a desk to be taller, covered in pallet wood, and totally industrial chic.
First, we removed the top piece. We planned to work with the existing countertop, but it busted when we removed the top.

After removing the countertop, too, we began framing up the back to make the desk taller.

How to build a desk high as a reception desk.

We screwed these long pieces of wood into the existing desk and also some cross pieces to give it strength.

Since Paula’s shop didn’t have all the wood or tools we needed, we headed to the farm we grew up on, my parent’s house, to continue work.

Cover an existing desk in pallet wood for a totally new look!

Paula lined up the pieces of barn wood after we cut them to size. Then I and my little helper used my pneumatic nail gun to attach the barn wood to the desk.

Nail reclaimed barn or pallet wood onto existing furniture to transform it!

We continued this process along the front, nailing the boards in to the three support boards running vertically.
Transforming a desk with reclaimed wood.

The boards on the side were a different color than the ones on the front, so we decided we would need to stain the front when the nailing was finished.

Paula sanded down the wood to prep it for staining.

Sanding down reclaimed wood to stain it.

The stain we had for free from the local household hazardous waste facility. The stain color helped the two different woods match better.

Staining reclaimed barn wood.

Next, we covered the work surface with more reclaimed wood. It’s not as functional as a smooth surface countertop, but Paula said it would work fine.

Cover existing piece of furniture with reclaimed barn wood for an industrial chic look

Then we screwed short support pieces on the inside against the three tall framing pieces. These will hold up the ledge on top that makes it a reception desk.

Cover existing piece of furniture with reclaimed barn wood for an industrial chic look.

You will notice I used my Kreg Jig tool to create pocket holes for securing the top ledge in place with 45 degree angle screws.

Using a Kreg Jig pocket hole drill tool to revamp and transform furniture.
Once we screwed in the top ledge, the reception desk was done!

Reclaimed Barn Wood Reception Desk

Reclaimed barn wood reception desk, created by revamping an existing piece of furniture.
As you can see, part of the original desk is still visible so that Paula can use the filing cabinet. This is actually the back of the desk where Paula would stand to receive her clients to the office.

Cover existing piece of furniture with reclaimed barn wood for an industrial chic look
This is the front of the desk that guests would see upon walking into Paula’s massage office.

It is nice and tall to provide privacy to the person working at the desk or processing payment.

Cover existing piece of furniture with reclaimed barn wood for an industrial chic look
I like how the reclaimed wood is so warm and blends with her style in the space.

Build a reception desk with reclaimed barn or pallet wood to make a stunning office space.
Now her office is truly original, her faux brick and plaster wall and the reclaimed barn wood reception desk give it so much style!

Come back Thursday for a special article I’m doing in conjunction with Uncommon Goods!

Signature welcome to the woods

Reclaimed Barn Wood Reception Desk Redo

6 thoughts on “Reclaimed Barn Wood Reception Desk Redo

  • May 28, 2017 at 3:10 PM

    Just curious, what kind of business is your sister opening? This came out cute.

    • May 28, 2017 at 3:53 PM

      She is just renting this office for her massage clients. She has been a message therapist for 8 years.

  • May 28, 2017 at 3:22 PM

    SO cool looking–and on a very small budget!


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