We are only just over one month away from my first born child starting kindergarten. It is completely surreal to think that my daughter is big enough to ride the bus by herself, introduce herself to faculty adults, and make friends on her own volition. The time since she was a baby really did seem to go by quickly now that I look back on it. Soon she will be gone 8 hours a day with the start of school.

 She has always been a book worm and we have always loved Dr. Seuss.

This post will be slightly different than normal. Instead of dishing out advice, I’d like to take a little time to reflect on the pros and cons of what I imagine will transpire over the next year when Lily starts school.

  • Pro: With the eldest gone, I can focus more on connecting with my younger kids. Con: They will lose their leader to direct and facilitate self-play. I’m not looking forward to fielding the question, “When will Lily be home?” numerous times a day.
  • Pro: Having a break from her 5-year-old incessant talking. Con: I’ll miss out on numerous stories, jokes, observations, and deep questions she will now tell classmates or teachers instead.
  • Pro: She will gain confidence and independence doing so many things by herself. Con: Very soon are the days she will treat her younger brothers like they can’t hang with her because they’re too little.
  • Pro: The friends she will acquire from school will bring so much happiness and interest into her life. Con: Those same friends will begin the comparison game. I do not look forward to complaints from Lily about how many toys her friends got at Christmas or that their family goes on vacation during spring break.
  • Pro: She will begin the path of structured learning, realizing she has a lot of road ahead of her. Con: The competition is strong with this one. I am hoping Lily can learn to strive for a personal best instead of best in her class.

My point is that every new beginning brings benefits as well as set-backs. I know there will be bad things that come with Lily starting kindergarten, but I’m choosing to focus on the good things. More than anything, I am just excited to watch my little girl grow!

The start of school for my kindergartener has me thinking about pros and cons of this new beginning

Is your child in kindergarten this year? What are some of your worries and what are some things you are looking forward to with the start of school?!
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The Start of School With My Kindergartener

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