One of my most popular posts ever features a piece of abstract art I created on a large DIY canvas for our living room. Since I hear almost weekly requests for a tutorial on how to paint like this, I decided to make another piece and show you all the process. Join me for an abstract artwork tutorial to learn to make a piece like the original showstopper pictured here:

A large wall canvas you can diy for your living room with a curtain panel and scrap 2 x 4 wood!

The piece I am creating today will be significantly smaller and displayed in my husband’s new home office. I’m participating in the One Room Challenge with other bloggers to redo a room in six weeks. If you missed the last couple weeks, so far I’ve painted walls & made a plan, made a $6 drum chandelier with crystals, and built modern industrial shelving for storage. The One Room Challenge wraps up soon so I am putting some final touches on the room.

Click on the image to see other blogger’s spaces and get some serious inspiration!

Abstract Artwork Tutorial

To get started, you will need to source canvas. I like to find used canvas that has already been painted on in thrift stores and at garage sales. I cover over it with gesso to prepare the canvas for a whole new painting to go on top! Just be sure the used canvas was painted in acrylic because water based is important. If it is an oil painting, reusing it will not work.

Repainting over old used canvas

The first part of this abstract artwork tutorial I am going to link to my Facebook Live post. I created this piece of art within about the first 15 minutes (disregard the end when I add in teal and copper).

After you have watched how to create that, you should have a painting that looks like this.

Abstract painting techniques with movement and stippling.

With this piece, I wanted to add in some metallic copper and blend the two styles of abstract and expressionism. I used FrogTape delicate surface to tape lines on the painting when the layer underneath was completely dry.

Abstract painting techniques in this video tutorial!

Then I used these beautiful metallic paints diluted with water to paint between the tape lines.

Abstract expressionism artwork paint this DIY decor for your home by viewing this video and photo tutorial

After removing the tape and doing touch-ups, it looked beautiful!

DIY abstract artwork tutorial with video and photos. Learn how to create expensive looking wall art for your home!

I am really happy with how it turned out! Hopefully, I inspired you to use this abstract artwork tutorial to try a painting yourself!

Abstract expressionism artwork paint this DIY decor for your home by viewing this video and photo tutorial

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Now that my abstract artwork is finished, my to-do list for the ORC’s office makeover is looking really good!

  • Paint walls gray & trim white
  • Build industrial shelving with IKEA hyllis hack
  • Paint abstract piece of artwork
  • Paint frame of hexagon mirror white
  • Make DIY lamp shade chandelier
  • Hang cream curtains
  • Decorate space using copper accents and multiple textures

Join me next Monday for the FINAL REVEAL! I can not wait to photograph this beautiful space and show off my husband’s new home office to you all!
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Abstract Artwork Tutorial Office Makeover ORC
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3 thoughts on “Abstract Artwork Tutorial Office Makeover ORC

  • December 9, 2017 at 3:04 AM

    I did this! Mine is on a smaller scale, but I DID IT! I have never painted with real paintbrushes and actual paint on a canvas before! I’ve always only painted my walls, or used the rinkie-dinkie paintbrushes that come with school supplied watercolors…lol! Thank you! I can’t wait to give this to my hubby in the morning for his birthday! I wish I could send you a pic!


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