It is important to choose a great OB/GYN for your first pregnancy for the guidance you need! Read these tips to help!

Choose A Great OB/GYN for Your First Pregnancy

If you're pregnant with your first baby, you are likely putting a lot of faith in your physician to guide you. With 90% of women choosing an OB/GYN provider for pregnancy, it's important to find a great one. If you can find an OB/GYN that makes you feel comfortable and seems ...
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These Baby Advice Posts compile solid information and tips for some of the most difficult to navigate parenting decisions -- your birth plan, vaccinations, sleeping through the night, starting solids, and more!

TOP 5 Baby Advice Posts

I've written a LOT about raising babies on my blog. My third baby is now 9 months old, and I have to admit that sometimes I don't take my own advice. Yes, my baby was born with a birth plan, eats mostly homemade baby food, and sleeps through the night, but ...
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Breastmilk storage flat bags organized in your freezer with this genius idea!

Genius Idea For Breastmilk Storage

Someone lamented on Facebook the other day that they were not sure the best way to organize and store their breastmilk bags in the freezer. One of my Facebook friends commented to help her out, suggesting an idea where I literally slapped my head because it was so simple! I ...
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Postpartum belly, or the "Mommy Pooch" is hard to get rid of. Read about tricks for losing baby weight after pregnancy.

Losing Baby Weight After Pregnancy

As summer approaches and I'm looking forward to days spent lounging on the beach, I am trying to get my body ready for bikinis. This isn't always easy after giving birth. My third child, Theo, was born six weeks ago and I've been working on losing baby weight. With all ...
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Postpartum healing involves a lot of physical and emotional struggles. Read this great post to prepare for what to expect and learn ways to prevent some discomforts likely to occur.

Postpartum Healing

Baby Theo is four weeks old now and I'm starting to feel back to my old self. This postpartum journey has been relatively easy for me since I had no tear or stitches to heal up. Read my birth story here. Regardless, my postpartum healing is taking time because bringing ...
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My birth plan and how things went differently. An incredibly detailed birth story about an induction where third stage of labor did not go well.

My Birth Plan and How Things Went Differently

As you learned last week, baby Theo finally arrived! He was born at 8:14 pm Saturday April 23rd when I was six days overdue. This post I'm planning to share my birth plan and then describe how things went differently. Each birth story is different and you best believe things ...
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Weaning baby from Breastfeeding onto milk and drinking from a sippy cup.

Weaning Baby from Breastfeeding

One of my wonderful readers suggested to me the other day I write a post about weaning baby from breastfeeding. To be honest, the opposite has been on my mind. As I begin to prep for my next baby to arrive mid-April, I'm thinking about how I'm going to be ...
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Preparing for Baby: Hospital Bag Packing List

This week I am 32 weeks into my third pregnancy and getting things in order to receive our new baby. I have begun to write my birth plan, talk about postpartum care, install the infant car seat in our vehicle, and pack my hospital bag. I am one of those ...
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Preparing for baby, Breastfeeding basics and tips to help get you started on the right foot.

Preparing for Baby: Breastfeeding

One of my closest friends just had a beautiful little baby! Isn't he precious!? Of course I've been launched into baby fever again. So today I figured I'd share more advice for newly expecting parents, particularly moms. Here's some of my advice for breastfeeding. You already know that I don't ...
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Advice for New Parents - a great tip for how to take care of a newborn and your relationship with your spouse

Advice for New Parents

I know a few people who are expecting this summer and so lately I've been contemplating all those changes that come when you welcome a new baby into the world. It can be such an emotional time. At a baby shower the other week, I was asked to share a ...
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Adorable baby cooing

Why You Should Vaccinate Your Kids

Recently, my husband and I revisited the topic of vaccinating our children with the CDC's recommended immunization schedule. It was sparked by a documentary I watched by Jeff Hays entitled, "Bought." It is a really compelling argument against vaccinations. It pretends to be objective, but it doesn't present one positive ...
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baby toddler as elderly halloween costume

Baby as Elderly Halloween Costume

Ever since last autumn, I had it in my head that this Halloween I would dress my kids up in an elderly Halloween costume. I got the idea from a photo on Pinterest of this adorable baby girl dressed as an old woman with a gray wig and walker. I ...
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Car Seat Mistakes

Let's talk about something important, something really important, that many parents take too lightly. I was once told by a driving instructor that operating a vehicle is like handling a 2,000 lb weapon. Add a small child into the mix, and you better be sure they are safe. Most of ...
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Baby Contraption Tricks and Uses

Throughout my years of parenting, I've come across many situations I needed to get creative with baby contraptions. It seems they make a do-dad and whats-it for everything, but nobody should buy all that. Instead, try solving some "How will this work with baby?" dilemmas with a few of my ...
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Chores Your Baby Can Do

I grew up in a large family, the youngest of seven kids, and we lived on a hobby farm. We tended to small animals and enormous gardens so you can bet there were a LOT of chores. Some of my earliest memories include picking up feathers on the ground of ...
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cloth diapers in drawer

The Cloth Diaper Convert

I have some exciting news! Our family is officially switching to cloth diapers! We made the switch one week ago and so far, so good. What's the reason we finally switched? So we could save money. Don't get me wrong, there are many other reasons to use cloth instead of ...
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Puree avocado for baby food

How to Make Your Own Baby Food

Remember my post about starting your baby on solids? Well, a few of my readers asked me about how I make my own baby food. Homemade food is healthier and more cost effective for your baby. I usually make my baby's food from fresh vegetables in the summer and frozen ...
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baby eating pureed solids

Starting solids! Baby’s first food

The process of starting to feed baby food can be daunting because there's a lot to think about. When my grandmother was a new mom, the recommendation was to start baby on meats at 1 month of age, vegetables at 2 months, and fruits at 3. Food rules constantly change ...
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baby pants with feet

What to Buy in Baby Clothes

Let me paint you a picture. Imagine a toddler running around your house wiggling and dancing. He/She is holding onto some loud toy playing music and singing along at the top of their lungs. The doorbell rings as your mailman drops off a package delivery. Before you can stop your ...
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Inquisitive baby what to buy for babies

Preparing for Baby: To Buy or Not to Buy

Recently my sister asked me for some advice on preparing for her first child. I was honored to share some of the things I've learned with her, but it seemed once I got started, I couldn't stop dishing my opinions. What better place to collect all I've learned and advise ...
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Baby and toddler siblings snuggling boy and girl

Toddler and Baby Schedule Mash-Up

I don't know if you've been thinking it already, but often I get the comment, "How do you do all this with two small children?" It doesn't matter what I do--renovate our bathroom or paint my nails--I hear this question often. It seems like kids consume people's time more than ...
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5 THINGS TO INCLUDE IN YOUR BIRTH PLAN! Mother and infant after labor and delivery.

5 Things to Include in Your Birth Plan

After having two children and two very different birth experiences, I thought I would share 5 things I think are beneficial to include in your birth plan. I know everyone has different ideas about birth, so these are just coming from my opinion, experience, and research. 1. Delayed cord clamping ...
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How to Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night

I am a mother of two beautiful children: Lillian who recently turned 2, and Nicholas who is 3 months old. Both of my children sleep through the night. Nick just started two weeks ago and Lily began when she also was 2 and half months old.  I figured after two ...
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