On my blog you can find much more than craft & decor projects, you can also find parenting advice, tips for saving money, and more for the homemaker in you. But if you would like to search through my DIY projects, enjoy this thumbnail project list and click on one that suits your interest.

Some of my favorites include the white console table I created with an old barn window from the farm I grew up on. This piece is not only functional and beautiful, but very sentimental to me. Another favorite is the “How to Stage Your Home to Sell” because all those photos of before and after reveal an incredible transformation. That project was certainly a labor of love and I am proud to have helped my friend! Lastly, be sure to check out my pallet sign for discipline and decor. It is one of my most popular posts and it is a great idea for you to create for your home. Having our family values listed on the wall has helped my husband and I shape our children as they grow up.

A lot of my project list includes crafts and ideas I’ve done off of Pinterest. Have you ever been inspired to create a project you saw on Pinterest? I would love if you left a comment on your favorite project of mine and shared with me one of your best projects. The best part of writing a blog is getting to know and share with my readers!

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