This past weekend, we went to a birthday party for my daughter’s friend, Emirsyn. Emirsyn is a lively and bright little girl, she turns 6 tomorrow. But, Emirsyn is also on present overload around her birthday and I wanted to give her something handmade to differ from the clothes and toys she would mostly be receiving. I got the idea to make her a DIY clock, something I handmade from pallet wood.

Homemade DIY clock made from pallet wood!

Emirsyn’s mom does homeschooling and the last time I was at their house, I saw Emirsyn doing worksheets to learn telling time on an analog clock. I told you she was bright.

DIY Clock From Pallet Wood is a really cool project you can watch a video of how she did it, plus a homemade stain recipe!
The quote has a funny anecdote about it. Emirsyn’s mother is always running late and one day she was so late for 10:15 am storytime at the library, she arrived at 10:45, fifteen minutes before the next storytime would start. Emirsyn was worried they missed storytime altogether, to which her mom replied, “No, we are actually early for the 11 o’clock storytime.” And Emirsyn (who has an extensive vocabulary for a six year old) said, “What does early mean?”

Come watch the video of how to make this diy clock with pallet wood. Super cool!

I know Emirsyn is excited to hang this clock in her room and her mom loved the heartfelt gift.

My Lily and her friend, Emirsyn, with the clock.

DIY Clock Video Tutorial

To see how I made it, I created a video sped up to show each part of the process. This DIY clock is something you can try for yourself. I’m a firm believer handmade gifts are some of the best. Remember my other handmade clock that was HUGE I made for my friend’s wedding present last summer?

If you are curious about this stain that achieved a gray weathered finish, I’ll let you know a secret. It’s actually homemade and costs just pennies! Simply pour vinegar over steel wool in a jar and close the lid tightly, letting it sit for a minimum of 6 hours. Apply to the wood and watch it turn color over the course of ten to twenty minutes.

Thanks for reading and I hope you really enjoyed the video I made. I love making these videos showcasing my work and I’ll actually have another one for you next Monday!


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DIY Clock From Pallet Wood

2 thoughts on “DIY Clock From Pallet Wood

  • March 21, 2017 at 10:24 AM

    It does not look as complex as I thought, don’t get me wrong, it still looks like a lot of work! We have done built-in’s before and they have come out great. Sometimes it is the little detailed projects that take more work ( I am learning this). You did a beautiful job!

    • March 21, 2017 at 10:46 AM

      Thanks Lisa! I will head over to your blog to check out the built-ins.



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