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It is back to school time again and I have a fun project to get you and your family organized. Did you know dry erase markers work on glass just the same as a white board? Well, I am going to show you how to make a dry erase calendar yourself using any old picture frame that has its glass still intact.

This large picture was picked up at a garage sale for $1 or something like that and will make the perfect size calendar for my house! The woman drawn on here that I’ve affectionately named Bonita will now be displaced from her home.

Use an old picture frame to create a diy dry erase calendar

The back of Bonita’s frame looks like this.

You can still reuse a picture frame if the back looks like this, just rip off the brown paper and hanging wire.

No worries! Simply remove the brown paper to reveal the cardboard backing for whatever is in the frame. I also untwisted the eye-hooks that held on the hanging wire.

Use a screw driver to remove nails or staples that hold in the photo frame's contents, usually cardboard backing.

This photo frame had small nails holding the cardboard backing in, but oftentimes they are staples. Simply use a flathead screwdriver to bend these up and take out the frame’s components.

Once you have the picture frame demolished, it is time to create!

Once Bonita’s photo was disassembled, I threw away the old photograph and pulled out someĀ poster board to replace it with. I cut the poster board to size and measured out what size boxes I could make with the dimensions. You will want to figure 6 rows and 7 columns (one for each day of the week).

Measure poster board to correct size and do the math to determine your box size

Draw your lines with a pen or marker and then make small boxes in each corner for the date. When the poster board is done, it is time to reassemble!

Spray paint a picture frame any color you like to make a dry erase calendar that is just your style

Before I put everything back together, I spray painted the frame black so that it was more my taste.

Dry erase calendar using the glass on an old picture frame. Cool back to school craft idea!

There you have it! I put the days of the week on sticker paper attached to the frame itself. You can also plan to put the days of the week on the actual poster board inside the frame.

Make your own dry erase calendar is easy by upcycling a picture frame

I used dry erase markers to write on the glass and plan out my month. Then it easily wipes off when plans change or I need to reset the calendar. This pack of dry erase markers is the same kind I use with multiple colors to color-code each activity!

Get organized for back to school with this dry erase calendar diy craft tutorial.

This dry erase calendar resides in our kitchen to keep our whole family organized. It is so easy to make and would be perfect for back to school! Thanks for reading my idea, tell me if you have ever made something that could be used with dry erase markers?

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Dry Erase Calendar DIY Back to School Craft

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