+-I draw my home décor inspiration from many places. On my blog, you’ve seen me create knockoff décor from Target, make wooden signs inspired by Pinterest, and transform trash into treasure. Today I am going to share a faux potted plant I made because I’ve always wanted to buy one from IKEA (but can’t justify spending $20 on that). This potted grass is an easy summer craft, perfect for you to do with your kids!

At the thrift store, I came across this bushel of grass reeds for $2. I threw the majority of them in my dining room vase, and the rest I set aside to create this craft.

Vase full of green grass reeds for summer
To start, I cut the grass to length.

Cutting grass for the faux potted plant
I peeled the stickers off of old glass candle jars. To get the remaining wax out when the candle was all burned up, I simply popped it in the freezer for about an hour. The wax chipped out with a knife very easily when it got so cold.

A fun craft to do with old glass candle jars.
Then I cut up some foam blocks I had from floral arrangements I was given five years ago. I know it’s weird that I save these things.

Use foam from floral arrangements to stick the grass into
Next I popped outside and shot the glass jar with white spray paint.

Simply spray paint glass containers white
Now I finally had everything ready to assemble: the cut up grass, the white candle jar, and the foam block.

Ready to assembly the grass potted plant craft
My 3-year-old son helped me poke grass blades into the foam block, standing up straight.

An easy summer craft you can do with your kids!
The finished product was so cute!

Faux potted grass plant, knockoff from IKEA. This easy summer craft is perfect to do with your kids.
I placed it on the windowsill in my kitchen for a bit of green when I do the dishes.

This faux grass craft was easy and perfect for summer!
It makes me smile every time! My idea to copy IKEA’s faux plant and create an easy summer craft to use as home décor was an all-around success. Thanks for reading, I hope you come back again!

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Easy Summer Craft: Potted Grass

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