I’ve been working on redoing our entryway for the last couple weeks. I hate our entryway because I live in a split-level. This means you enter the home to a foyer and then choose stairs up or down. I am hoping that improving the aesthetics of the space will make me forget how cramped and uninviting the floorplan’s entrance is. Part one to my entryway makeover was painting the front door. Today, I am going to share with you our garage entrance redo.

Front door refresh, turquoise paint before and after transformation cheerful colorFront door refresh

Although your front door grabs more attention from guests and people on the street, the garage door entrance is where most of us come in and out of our homes. It’s funny how often this space in a house gets completely neglected. To be honest, I have never touched up paint or cleaned this doorway since moving into our house six years ago. The only improvement I’ve done is add weather-stripping on the door.

Ugly garage door entrance ready for a redo to make the space more functional and pleasing.

A plain white steel entry door and dirt-covered trim greeted me every day I walked into my house. It was high time for some improvement.

Garage Entrance Redo

Here’s the after…

Painting your garage entrance door black will prevent dirt and grime from showing as quickly. See all the functional tips in this garage entrance redo(Notice the DIY ball corral still getting use?)

First, obviously, I painted the door gloss black. I’m hoping this will prevent the door from always looking SO dirty and dingy. My kid’s grimy hands push on the black glossy door and the dirt left behind isn’t visible (or can be easily wiped off for all you homeowners who aren’t too lazy to clean things like this). The black door also ties in with how our interior doors and trim look. Remember when I painted ALL THE TRIM white and the doors black? I guess I can’t get enough of that combo.

Paint the door to your home from inside your garage black for interest and low-maintenance cleaning.

I also painted the trim and casing all around the doorframe with a fresh coat of gloss white. I wish I had taken a close up of the before photo. It was nasty. Actually, go look at your home’s garage entrance and inspect the trim. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.

To make the entrance to your home inside your garage more functional, simply add hooks!

Then I added hooks and nails to the empty walls next to the door on both sides. I saw this idea in my neighbor’s garage whilst walking by and realized I had never thought of utilizing that perfectly functional space before. Now that there are hooks just outside the garage door, I hang out-of-season jackets, reusable grocery shopping bags, and extra stuff that doesn’t fit in our coat closet. It’s so great!

I didn’t realize how drab this area was until I started redoing our home’s entryway. The garage entrance to your home should get some attention and you should love the way it looks. Believe me, it will improve your mood every day coming home through that door.

Thanks for reading about my garage entrance redo! See you next week for the full reveal of the interior entryway makeover. You are going to love the huge transformation!

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Garage Entrance Redo: Entryway Makeover Part 2

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