This is our colorful and unique main floor bathroom. This room used to be builder grade boring the same as the rest of our house but I spent only $27 to completely transform and redo it so now it looks interesting. Read about my bathroom redo here.

Bathroom Redo teal white wainscoting

A bathroom renovation for $27

This is what it used to look like.

beige builder grade bathroom towel

The transformation took a lot of time – 3 weeks – but was so worth the effort. A couple highlights include the faux wainscoting and reclaimed wood shelving.

before and after bathroom redo project for only $27!

reclaimed wood alternating bathroom shelves

I also added a new towel rack made from wood and silverware later on. This allowed 5 towels to hang drying in the bathroom instead of just two. It’s much more practical and oh so cute!

bathroom towel hooks using silverware


So, let’s go through what this bathroom cost!
The shelving I made out of reclaimed wood I got for free off Craigslist. The shelving was cut to all different sizes and was already stained, so I did nothing to it except drill holes for the brackets. I had initially planned to paint them white, but there’s already enough white in my design, don’t you think?

The metal brackets my parent’s picked up free with rebate from Menards and gave to me. The hardware to hang the shelves (anchors, washers, screws) cost a total of $9 (rounding up).

The shelves are adorned with sentimental things. The picture frame I got for 50 cents at a garage sale. The glass container is an adorable vintage piece my neighbor gave me. The towels were $8 a piece and the white ones were 75 cents at a garage sale.

The painting is the only artwork in my home I didn’t create myself. This piece was done by my talented sister, Christy. A few of my other sisters have matching paintings that connect as sort of a set. The ombre hand towels were from Target on clearance for $4. The blue glass bottle is an antique shoe polish bottle. I found it in the dirt of my flower garden on the farm I was raised. It’s from the late 1800’s.
shelf decor
The glass bowl is another piece from my neighbor. She was going to get rid of it and I loved it! The blue candle was $3 bought forever ago. The pillar candle was $2 at a garage sale and the ribbon was free. The last thing on my shelves is my silver make-up case which cost me $1 at a garage sale.
The other major costs were the wood trim. I got three 12 foot slats of trim for $13. I bought liquid nails to put them up and white caulk for the joints which totaled $4.50. I cut them on my $80 table saw but we won’t go there. The paint color I mixed myself for free. The white paint and primer was also free from the HHW exchange facility. The bouquet of fake flowers on my vanity cost $3 at a consignment shop.
Bathroom in teal and white with staggered reclaimed wood shelving, faux wainscoting, and a framed mirror.
I did not replace the shower curtain or towel racks. My total for the room is $56.75. And the total cost for my redo (excluding towel, decor items I already had, etc) is $26.50.
I completely re-imagined and redid my bathroom for $27 dollars and a lot of DIY.