Recently, I put together a fun photo collage arrangement to give my mother in law. It turned out very cute and is a great idea for those who do not want to put up the typical family portraits. These allow you to put up photographs of the person as they grow and in multiple circumstances. I started by buying a premadeĀ photo collage frame (I got these at my local ALDI’s)! I bought mine in white, but I just snapped a “before” shot from the picture on the back of the box.

Original photo collage black frame

The sign in the middle needed a little revamping. Since I bought three of these, I planned to create one for each of my kids, the MIL’s beloved grandkids. I detached each sign from the middle to write the kids’ names on it.

Signs for wall decor as part of photo collage

I painted them white with acrylic craft paint.

Painting sign white with craft acrylic paint

Then I just used a sharpie and wrote their names. I’ve made signs this way many times before, like this one, oh and this one, and this one! I did do these “freehand” by choosing a font on the computer and basing it off of that while I wrote. The easiest form of calligraphy, I guess.

Photo collage white frame

All done!

Set of 3 white frame photo wall collage arrangement

When I was done, I brought them over to the mother in law’s house and she arranged them above her couch. They showcase photos from when the kids were babies, photos of our little family altogether, and photos from more recent times.

Photo collage wall decor hang photos of kids or grandchildren in a cute arrangement

I think the white frames go beautifully with the soft gray walls Grandma has in her living room.

Great gift idea! Fill a photo collage with picture of the grandkid to be used as wall decor.

The best part was, she absolutely LOVED them! Consider this idea for your next gift giving opportunity. Sentimental presents and heartfelt gestures are always the best.

Let me know some creative ways you display photos in your home! Have you ever done a photo collage or a gallery wall of sorts?

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Photo Collage Wall Decor

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