Packing school lunch for your kid doesn't have to be cold! Invest in a great thermos and you can send warm leftovers or hot soup in lunches.

Packing School Lunch Tips & Tricks

For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links. To read my full disclosures and policies, click here. I'm here with tips and tricks for packing school lunch for your kids just in the nick of time. I was very intimidated by the idea of packing a variety of cold items ...
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Avoid putting your kids into boxes the way society does by labeling your kids.

The Dangers of Labeling Your Kids

One thing I've read about time and again in some of my favorite parenting books is the dangers of labeling. I was discussing this thought with my neighbor, a 1st grade teacher for the last 37 years, just the other day. Labeling your kids is the act of assigning attributes ...
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Raising Capable Kids is about letting them have ownership over chores that teach them self-sufficiency and responsibility.

Raising Capable Kids: The Chore List

I recently read a great parenting book entitled, How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success by Julie Lythcott-Haims. As a self-labeled detached parent, I enjoyed reading research into the benefits of my parenting style. I was also reminded how much ...
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Teaching your kids gift opening ettiquette. Worried your kids might be rude at Christmas? Read this!

Kids Opening Presents on Christmas: Gift Opening Etiquette

Last Christmas my almost 4-year-old embarrassed me to no end with her gift opening etiquette. We don't do many gifts in our house, so I sort of felt like Lily just didn't have practice. She would rip open the gift and then say "what's next?" I had talked with her ahead ...
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Making memories last with your kids. Tips to improve your child's nostalgia about growing up.

Making Memories Last With Your Kids

I've always considered myself more nostalgic than sentimental. What I mean is that I like to reminisce about the past, but I don't like to hold onto objects for sentimental value. If my kid makes me something in art class that they didn't work on that hard, I will not ...
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Overscheduled kids are expensive - the cost of equipment, time, and gas to be in numerous activities can add up in the hundreds even for preschool age kids.

The Dangers of Overscheduled Kids

I'm going to weigh in on something that I've been struggling with as a parent of a preschooler. Overscheduled kids. I feel surrounded by overscheduled kids. This is one of the many areas in parenting ideals I feel like I'm swimming against the tide. I can't even tell you how ...
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Learn to control your temper with your kids using these three effective tactics!

Learn to Control Your Temper With Your Kids

I have a secret. My secret is very difficult to share. I have a temper. Like a blow the roof off the house temper. And it's something I'm so ashamed of because I know it damages my relationship with my kids and hinders my efforts to enact positive parenting. I ...
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5 Subjects That Should Be Taught in School

5 Subjects That Should Be Taught In School

Lately, Stephen and I have been talking a lot about our future. We don't plan to live in our current home forever, and the location of our next house depends a lot on school district. We live in an area with interesting education choices, one of Minnesota's best and one ...
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how to discipline less and raise a cooperative child

How to Discipline Less

Here's the thing about discipline. It is assumed the more you discipline, correct, reign in, and guide your children, the better people they'll end up. However, sometimes it feels like the more you discipline, the more kids act out, causing you to discipline them more. I feel like I keep ...
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Beach ocean lagoon chankanaab cozumel

Preparing to Vacation Without the Kids

Right now, my husband and I are on our very first vacation in Cozumel, Mexico. We've had "vacations" before, going to the Wisconsin Dells, taking road trips, etc, but nothing as major as this. We both applied for our first passports because of this trip! We will be in Cozumel ...
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5 Reasons to stop watching TV

5 Reasons to Stop Watching TV

It seems children now-a-days are being raised more by television than their parents. Most children today are experiencing SEVEN hours a day of screen time, according to the AAP. Recently my son had his one year check up and the pediatrician handed me the AAP's guidelines for children's screen time ...
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Raise a Daughter With High Self-Esteem

Don't let the title of this post fool you, I do not know how exactly to accomplish this task. I have no sure-fire way of knowing whether my ideas will in fact result in a daughter with high self-esteem. This post is better deemed a hypothesis. I have a hypothesis ...
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