When your child asks "Mommy, will you play with me?" are you left feeling guilty? Here are 5 ways you can say "YES!" without dreading it. 5 Ways to Play with your Kids For the Mom Who Hates It

5 Ways to Play With Your Kids For the Mom Who Hates It

When we go to the park, I am always in awe of all the parents actively playing with their kids. Is it only me? I hate playing with my kids. I love taking care of them, but I hate playing with them. This might surprise you since it's obvious I cherish ...
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Teaching your kids gift opening ettiquette. Worried your kids might be rude at Christmas? Read this!

Kids Opening Presents on Christmas: Gift Opening Etiquette

Last Christmas my almost 4-year-old embarrassed me to no end with her gift opening etiquette. We don't do many gifts in our house, so I sort of felt like Lily just didn't have practice. She would rip open the gift and then say "what's next?" I had talked with her ahead ...
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Teach your kids to get along & facilitate sibling friendship

Facilitate Sibling Friendship

This last week I shared my New Years resolutions as a mom and touched on a goal I felt deserved further examination. I wrote that I wanted to facilitate sibling friendship, and as I began to elaborate on what I meant, I thought of all the ways I actively try ...
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Overscheduled kids are expensive - the cost of equipment, time, and gas to be in numerous activities can add up in the hundreds even for preschool age kids.

The Dangers of Overscheduled Kids

I'm going to weigh in on something that I've been struggling with as a parent of a preschooler. Overscheduled kids. I feel surrounded by overscheduled kids. This is one of the many areas in parenting ideals I feel like I'm swimming against the tide. I can't even tell you how ...
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Learn to control your temper with your kids using these three effective tactics!

Learn to Control Your Temper With Your Kids

I have a secret. My secret is very difficult to share. I have a temper. Like a blow the roof off the house temper. And it's something I'm so ashamed of because I know it damages my relationship with my kids and hinders my efforts to enact positive parenting. I ...
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parenting language parent discipline talk to kids children

Parenting Language & Mindset

For the last few months I've been working hard on my language. Not my swearing--although I shouldn't do that as often as I do--but my parenting language. The words I choose to say to my children. Some say actions speak louder than words, but sometimes that's not the case. The ...
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5 Subjects That Should Be Taught in School

5 Subjects That Should Be Taught In School

Lately, Stephen and I have been talking a lot about our future. We don't plan to live in our current home forever, and the location of our next house depends a lot on school district. We live in an area with interesting education choices, one of Minnesota's best and one ...
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Adorable baby cooing

Why You Should Vaccinate Your Kids

Recently, my husband and I revisited the topic of vaccinating our children with the CDC's recommended immunization schedule. It was sparked by a documentary I watched by Jeff Hays entitled, "Bought." It is a really compelling argument against vaccinations. It pretends to be objective, but it doesn't present one positive ...
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kids learning about sharing ownership

Teaching Kids Ownership & Sharing

One of the more debated topics lately in parenting technique is teaching your kid to share. Ever since this article went viral about a mom who doesn't teach her kids to share, I've thought about how my take on sharing in our household is so different from everyone else. I'm ...
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girl daughter sleeping on father dad

Games for the Lazy Dad

For those of you who know my wife, you probably hear stories of my laziness.  If you personally know me, you know I just believe myself to be efficient.  I came up with (okay...maybe not 'came up with') several games for the lazy dad that I routinely use to keep ...
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Toddler behavior chart

Toddler Behavior Chart

My daughter is almost 3 years old and we work on behavior every day. Having a toddler can be really hard, dealing with the tantrums and trying to prevent meltdowns gets exhausting if you don't have a positive reinforcement method. My daughter is very rewards driven and will do almost ...
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5 Reasons to stop watching TV

5 Reasons to Stop Watching TV

It seems children now-a-days are being raised more by television than their parents. Most children today are experiencing SEVEN hours a day of screen time, according to the AAP. Recently my son had his one year check up and the pediatrician handed me the AAP's guidelines for children's screen time ...
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Raise a Daughter With High Self-Esteem

Don't let the title of this post fool you, I do not know how exactly to accomplish this task. I have no sure-fire way of knowing whether my ideas will in fact result in a daughter with high self-esteem. This post is better deemed a hypothesis. I have a hypothesis ...
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Mom talking to kid mother speaking with child

How to Handle a Tantrum in Public

The other day my kids and I were shopping in KOHL's for a wedding present when Lily threw a tantrum. We were there around 12:30, so if you remember my child's schedule, it was nearing her nap time and she was getting tired. We were in the dishes aisle and ...
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spanking flow chart

Spanking Your Child – My Experience & Flowchart

Spanking Your Child - My Experience I've been hesitant to write this post for a while now. I had the idea to outline the mindset for spanking in our house, but was concerned obviously because it can be such a heated topic. Many of you are probably against spanking your ...
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Toddler eating healthy food

Get Your Toddler to Eat

Let me tell you, if there's one thing I've gotten a lot of experience with since I became a mother, it is getting my kid to eat. Even the 30 or so kids I've babysat in my life ran the gamut of good eaters to bad. If you struggle getting ...
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Child sleeping soundly peavefully happily

How Your Kids Will Love Bedtime

Have you ever seen that TV show "Supernanny?" One of the biggest challenges she always seemed to face was getting the children to bed. I think this is a challenge for many parents. Everyone knows the best way for a successful bedtime is a routine. Jammies, brush teeth, book, good ...
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Potty Train Toddler in One Week

Potty Train in One Week or LESS!

Potty training is an all important step towards your kid growing older. Although there are many ways to potty train, I thought I would share with you how we succeeded with my first born. Like every parenting decision I make, I thoroughly thought through what our plan would be when ...
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Prevent Toddler Temper Tantrums

My daughter turned 2 in January and we've definitely turned a corner. The whining, the crying, and the random outbursts are terrible. The terrible two's. Most of the time my girl is happy and calm. I find that if she has a tantrum, it is usually because at least one ...
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discipline mistakes to avoid

5 Discipline Mistakes

Every parent has a different idea about discipline. But the worst ideas are the ones that are not well thought out. These are 5 discipline mistakes we all make when we don't think about their implications on raising our child. 1. Empty threats: Be careful what you say. You will ...
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