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I am here today to share a quick tutorial for a craft you can make with your kids (or grandkids) and use as a décor for autumn! This was another one of my ideas while drooling over décor pieces in Target. Fabric pumpkins are very cute but I did not want to spend $ to buy one. I had the materials needed already at home! Enjoy this fabric pumpkin fall craft tutorial.

Step 1: Cut your fabric or burlap in a circle

Step 1: Cut Fabric In a Circle

First I found some fabric I no longer needed (this was from semi-transparent curtains). You could use burlap, too, that would be cute! I cut it in a circular shape.

Step 2: glue 4 pieces of twine in a spiral shape

Step 2: Cut Four Pieces of Twine and Glue in A Spiral

The twine would look even cuter drenched in espresso stain first. Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue gun in this process!

Creating a fabric pumpkin - this actually turned out cute!

Step 3: Roll Old Cloth Into a Ball And Set it On Top Of Fabric Circle

Okay, I didn’t do a great job of cutting a circle. My ball of fabric is stained children’s clothes (I’m all about reusing stuff).

Creating a fall craft with leftover fabric - so cute in the end!

Step 4: Hot Glue Fabric Up Over Ball of Cloth

If I had cut a perfect circle, the fabric would have reached all the way around the ball. Oh well, it will still work.

Make a fabric pumpkin with old cloth and twine

Step 5: Flip it Over and Place It on Twine Spiral

Space out the twine evenly before the next step.

Creating a fabric pumpkin is an easy and fun craft to do this fall with your kids!

Step 6: Pull Together the Twine On Top

Tie one strand around the group of twine and tie it off. My twine is all shredded, if you are buying an new ball, go with the 4-ply stuff like this. I think it’s actually called jute, but my personal opinion is that it would look even cuter on this project than regular twine.

Simple fall craft idea - use leftover fabric and twine to make a pumpkin as decor

Step 7: Trim The Twine Stem And Add Leaves As a Finishing Touch

I just added a dot of hot glue to the leaves. What would I do without my hot glue gun. It made this whole project (and MANY others) possible. Unfortunately though, mine leaks glue. I think I should maybe upgrade to this one.

Fabric pumpkin fall craft tutorial
Definitely a neutral, relaxed look to this kind of pumpkin décor. I am not quite sure what direction I’m headed with my fall decorations this year (thanks for the input on Facebook guys!), but I am enjoying how this turned out.

Easy fabric pumpkin fall craft tutorial - diy step-by-step photos!

Fabric Pumpkin Fall Craft Tutorial

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See you all next Monday!
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Fabric Pumpkin Fall Craft Tutorial

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