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I finally got around to decorating for fall (this is considered SUPER late in the blogging world) and am so excited to share my Fall Home Tour with you guys today! I’m also excited my living room no longer looks like this:

Living room mess when decorating for autumn decor

My house was a mess this week, guys. In the back of that photo you can see my summer stuff about to get put away and everything else is fall décor. Watch my shelves go from summer to fall in this time-lapse video.


To give my home a handmade touch for fall, I did a few quick crafts I’ll share with you. The mini pumpkins you see in the video were decorated with sharpie paint pens. Super easy – I bought this 5-pack.

Pumpkin decor using sharpies to draw on pumpkins is cute idea!

The stick covered candle you see was a fun little craft that took me less than 30 minutes. You can see me create one LIVE this afternoon on my Facebook page if you’re interested.

Make a stick covered candle for fall home decor. Diy craft idea that is easy and quick!
It looks beautiful all lit up!

Fall shelf home decor, make candle say autumn by hot gluing sticks to the outside of the jar.
And no, when the candle burns, the hot glue does not melt off. I never leave my candles burning more than an hour so the entire candle is never hot enough at one time for that to happen.
Candle with outdoor sticks hot glued to the outside of the glass jar. Cute craft!
Covering the candle with sticks is a great solution for changing the color of a candle that doesn’t go with your décor theme. For instance, my favorite fall candle is pumpkin apple and that is usually RED. Since I no longer decorate with red in my home, it had to go.


The styling of the shelves turned out to be a festive focal point for the whole living room.

Shelf shelves decor ideas pumpkins wreath candles sign and driftwood all are festive ideas for autumn
On the other side of the living room, my space looks like this to work with teal…

Fall Home Tour living room decor wreath and succulents and pumpkin crafts

You see lots of succulent houseplants and more neutral accents.

Tabletop decor neutral fall colors

These pretty lamps I got recently with copper piping and a marble base. I love them, but they won’t stay in the living room because they’ll be used in my husband’s office makeover coming up in a few weeks. If you’ve been looking for a similar style, these lamps are perfect. Another houseplant and a metal basket full of pinecones finish off the simple tabletop décor.

Neutral fall decorations including cozy blankets, sweater pillow covers, and fabric pumpkin tabletop decor

I got this beautiful braided basket from the same place I got my lamps (secondhand, of course). Stuffed with a furry blanket, it is so cozy for fall. On the leather chair you will find my throw pillow covered with a DIY sweater no-sew pillow case. On the table you find a faux pumpkin I made with fabric and twine. All the textures in this space give it a lot of interest.


My favorite part of this fall tour is the tablescape! I’ve only ever featured one other table setting on my blog for Christmas last year and I had so much fun doing it again! It reminds me of setting up a tea party.

Beautiful rustic fall tablescape with handmade ceramics, leaves, real sumac branches in the centerpiece, and more!

I put together a colorful centerpiece and creative ceramics to show off a cozy and cute style for autumn. The beautiful bowls were actually made by my sister, Anne Meyer, who is a working artist in central Minnesota.

A gorgeous fall tablescape that is cozy and cute! I LOVE those owl mugs and the little creamer pitcher!

The branches in the centerpiece are sumac that I foraged outside my house. The adorable owl ceramic mugs I found at a garage sale long ago. I found a similar set on Amazon you can check out; I get so so many compliments on them!

Beautiful autumn tablescape idea with sumac centerpiece and adorable ceramic owl mugs

That’s all for the inside on the Fall Home Tour. Now a quick peak out the door to send you off.


This is the first fall with my teal door and I was nervous about incorporating orange with this green-blue hue.

Instead of a traditional autumn wreath on your front door, try a picture frame wreath! Love the monogram W too!

In the end, it turned out looking cheerful and colorful and very inviting. Instead of a wreath like last year, I went unconventional using a large picture frame I decorated with a twine-wrapped monogram letter and faux leaves.

Front step porch or entrance fall decor idea. I love the old ladder and distressed wood autumn signs!

I also used a few vintage items: the old ladder and wooden bucket. The distressed wood signs were supposed to imitate old-fashioned hand painted signs. I did draw both freehand and you can learn how to make a wood sign like this yourself here.

Autumn decorations for your front door easy pumpkins, old wood bucket, distressed sign, and grapevine gourd

And of course, pumpkins. What is fall without pumpkins?

Beautiful fall front door entrance decor! Vintage items like the wood ladder and bucket as well as traditional orange colors in the leaves and pumpkins make it look so welcoming and cozy! Especially with the teal door!

Since we really have more of a front step than front porch, I had to get creative with the bench. I do sit on it to visit with neighbors and watch my kids play in the driveway, so the cushions are a welcome addition for fall.

If you don't have a front porch, adding a bench near the front steps is the next best thing! This autumn arrangement looks so welcoming and cozy!

So, are you exhausted? Me, too! That was a lot of photos! Please hit your pin button and share your favorite images and ideas from my Fall Home Tour on Pinterest!

I have a lot more BIG things coming up on my blog. Stay tuned for October’s One Room Challenge where I am overhauling our nursery to become my husband’s swanky work-from-home office. See you next Monday!

Signature welcome to the woods

2017 Fall Home Tour

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