The next room in our house tour is the master bedroom. This room has been the most fickle for me to design and decorate because it is on the smaller side, 9 ft by 11 ft. I really wanted to fit a queen bed in there, so it was definitely a challenge. The way I did it was disregarding the typical rule about blocking a window. This is what you see when you walk in:

Master bedroom gray

Typically it is good flow to walk towards a bed as you enter a bedroom. It should be the focus, not cast in a corner. Read about how I designed the small space to function well and appear larger. For this post, I’ll go through the cost of everything in this room for you once more.
The bed is Ethan Allen brand I bought online with our gifted holiday money in 2012. It is one of the few pieces of furniture we’ve bought new. It was online clearance at from $590 to $280. They were offering free shipping because we bought on Cyber Monday. I also used a coupon browser add-on I love called Priceblink. It tells you if what you’re buying online is cheaper anywhere else and if there are any coupons out there for it. So far it’s saved me more than $400 online. So bottom line, we got the bed for $220. The pillow top queen mattress cost $300 at a furniture outlet store. The bedding is a set I pieced together to save money. Blue sherpa blanket=$17 at Menard’s on after Christmas clearance. White fleece blanket=$8 at Target after dorm season clearance. Gray bedsheets and pillowcases were a set I bought at a garage sale for $3. The two white pillowcases were $1 at a garage sale, as well as the accent pillow. The 4 large pillows I bought at Shopko’s lowest price of the season sale for $4 each. The total cost for the bed set is only $46. The entire bed everything included comes to $566. That’s less than the original price of the bed frame.

Master bedroom white black gray design

The end tables you see on each side I built myself with scrap wood, 2 by 4’s, plywood, and a piece of leftover plexiglass my dad helped me cut. I paid $3 for three cans of spray paint from Walmart to paint them. The candles were from a garage sale, they were $1 each and were an ugly lavender. I painted them silver and glittered the bottom. The lamps are paper lamps from Thailand we received as a wedding present from my uncle and Thai aunt.
Also, our ceiling light was replaced by my DIY chandelier. The lampshade I made the chandelier out of was $5 off Craigslist.

The blackout curtains were on clearance at Target for $8 a piece. I also had a coupon for 20% off any home item. The total came to $13 after tax and my redcard 5% discount. The rod was left at my old apartment, score!

mid century modern dresserOn this side of the room is our dresser. It is a 60’s piece I got off Craigslist for $40 and updated by spray painting the handles and removing the mirror to get it framed. My husband’s grandpa built the frame for me and I painted it black to match. He generously gave me the wood frame, not to mention his time and labor, for free. The three piece painting you see a reflection of was done on canvases I picked up at a garage sale for $5 and painted over. The lamp was $10 from Craigslist (I think originally from IKEA). The frames, adorable pitcher with my daughter’s feet stamped on it, and everything else total $7. The pitcher was a gift made by my talented sister Anne and her friend Dom.

The grand total for the whole room comes to $646. Oofta.

Making this room an oasis was quite the task. And although it is the most expensive room in my home, I’m glad I put forth the time and money to make it something special. This is what it looked like two weeks after we moved in (yuck) to now:

bedroom makeover

That maroon and green really clashed, didn’t they?

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  • November 24, 2017 at 9:04 AM

    I will do this when I get married….beautiful…so beautiful…


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