The BIG DAY is here! I finally have this whole beautiful room put together and I am so excited to bombard you with photos I took of it. The office makeover for the One Room Challenge has been a fun ride and I love the results. To refresh your memory, this is where the room started.

Nursery design white changing table and espresso crib, you don't need to match paint/stain colors!

Adorable wall decal of tree and little birds for nursery decor.

And here’s the to-do list I completed for the office makeover.

  • Paint walls gray & trim white
  • Build industrial shelving with IKEA hyllis hack
  • Paint abstract piece of artwork
  • Paint frame of hexagon mirror white
  • Make DIY lamp shade chandelier
  • Hang cream curtains
  • Decorate space using copper accents and multiple textures

After all that, here is what the space looks like now:

Office makeover final reveal of the six week process to redo a room for the One room challenge!

Abstract artwork with expressionism influences copper details lines soft colors mid century modern decor

Decor details in the home office makeover

This space was such a joy to design and decorate from a blank slate. Everything came together so beautifully thanks to the mood board I put together the first week.

Mood board for a calming, copper accented office makeover ORC

I’d say it definitely has the same feel! Let’s dive deeper into each of the DIY projects I completed for this room.

My favorite copper colored spray paint allowed me to create matching decor pieces for the office makeover ORC

Copper Décor Accents

So first off, since I couldn’t find many cost-effective options for copper décor, I ended up buying a can of spray paint and making my own! I would only trust Rust-Oleum to deliver the best copper color. I love the warmth of this metallic and for the cost of a $4 can, you can’t beat it! The only place I didn’t use the spray paint was on my DIY abstract art painting.

Abstract expressionism artwork paint this DIY decor for your home by viewing this video and photo tutorial

Abstract Artwork

For this copper, I used these amazing metallic paints I got on Amazon. They can be used for so many projects, on fabric, wood, glass, anything! I am going to use them for a Christmas sweater pillow in the near future and am so excited. Anyway, click to watch the video tutorial for how to paint something like this for your home.

Industrial modern shelving build

Modern Industrial Shelving

Of course, the modern industrial shelving completely steals the show in my office makeover reveal. Everyone who has seen it in person says it looks even better than they imagined. These shelves are strong and beautiful, you would never guess I only spent $60 to create them with Rust-Oleum spray paints and an IKEA hack!

Home office makeover for the ORC (One Room Challenge)! Includes DIY $60 modern shelving, DIY $6 drum chandelier, and abstract painting tutorial!

Window Pane Wall Décor

You can see that the office is the home of my window pane sign I made recently on Hometalk Live. The shortened video tutorial went totally viral with 20 MILLION views and I’m so in shock you guys. Thanks to everyone who watched it! I hope I inspired you and you like the home I found for my window pane.

Mirrors as tabletop decor leaning casually

Hexagon Mirror

I also painted the hexagon mirror with Rust-Oleum gloss white 2X cover spray paint. This mirror was purchased at a thrift store on sale for $7! It was forest green and looked outdated. I loved the geometric lines and gave it a fresh, modern look.

Home office makeover for the ORC (One Room Challenge)! Includes DIY $60 modern shelving, DIY $6 drum chandelier, and abstract painting tutorial!

Lamp Shade Drum Chandelier

Last but not least, my DIY drum chandelier looks beautiful cascading down over the desk which sits in the center of the room. I would have never thought to arrange a desk floating in the middle of a room two years ago. I’ve come a long way my friends. I also have a long way to go. Ha!

Office makeover final reveal of the six week process to redo a room for the One room challenge!

Now I thought it would be fun to list out what I put together to make this office makeover happen and how much it cost. I am very frugal and I think you will see that in the results.

  • Paint for the walls = $0 (free at the local Household Hazardous Waste Facility)
  • Industrial Shelving Build = $60 Ikea Hyllis hack
  • White Desk = $0 (given to us by my husband’s work’s furniture liquidation sale)
  • Drum chandelier = $6
  • Cream Curtains = $20 Ikea Lenda on sale
  • Hexagon Mirror = $7 thrift store find
  • Geometric Vases = $4 online marketplace find
  • Copper & Marble Desk Lamp = $15 online marketplace find
  • Copper baskets = $3 online marketplace find (these last three items were all from the same lady, who had great taste I might add).
  • Faux fur rug = $12 Hobby Lobby on sale
  • File organizer = $15 Target
  • Faux greenery = $3 thrift store finds
  • White flower pot = $2 thrift store find
  • Metallic paints for Décor & Art = $17

EVERYTHING else you see in the room I already had purchased long ago and moved into this space. The mid-century modern piece the artwork sits on is a dresser I refinished a while ago I got for only $45!

The grand total to complete this room equals = $164 

I’m really proud of this office makeover you guys. I hope you will let me know what you think and pin this to support me! To see other bloggers from the ORC reveal their finished rooms, visit here!

I have a lot of holiday inspiration coming up on the blog, stay tuned!
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Signature welcome to the woods

Office Makeover One Room Challenge FINAL REVEAL

4 thoughts on “Office Makeover One Room Challenge FINAL REVEAL

  • November 7, 2017 at 10:40 AM

    Looks great 🙂 One question, did you do something to the back of your monitor? It looks metallic-y too.

    • November 7, 2017 at 9:21 PM

      Thanks Lisa! No, I think it’s just reflecting light. It does look kind of metallic though, doesn’t it?!

  • November 7, 2017 at 2:16 PM

    Great job!! You are so talented!!


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