We had a really busy weekend with my sister’s wedding, so forgive me for the short post today. I’m sharing a quick craft I made to gift my sister-in-law for Christmas this past year. I made easy pallet wood arrows and I have a photo tutorial for you to make them, too! This project started the way many of my projects do, with an old pallet.

An old pallet

I began by trying to disassemble the pallet. When that was not going smoothly, I just marked off lines for me to cut the arrows out of what was accessible.

Cutting an old pallet without taking it apart

Using a saw blade power tool thingy I have (watch my pallet wood clock video to see it in action), I cut the wood.

Using pallet wood to build wall decor arrows

The next step was to stain the wood. I mixed up a homemade stain using just steel wool and vinegar. Let this mixture sit overnight before you use it. The vinegar breaks down the steel wool and creates a liquid that stains your wood a grayish brownish color.

Staining pallet wood with homemade stain

When the pallet wood arrows dried, I flipped them over and joined the wood together. First, I spread wood glue in the seam. Then I nailed on some picture hanging hardware.

How to join pallet wood together for wall decor using hardware and wood glue

Lastly, I used my hammer to put small nails in the wall, spaced evenly on a vertical axis.

Super easy pallet wood arrows tutorial with photos and step by step instructions

As you can see, the arrows turned out great! They decorate my sister-in-law’s bedroom which I recently helped her paint and style. The full reveal of her bedroom makeover will be on my blog soon!

Do not forget to pin this image! If you want a very low cost, handmade gift for someone, this easy pallet wood arrows tutorial will certainly come in handy.

Any NOW for the announcement you’ve probably read through this whole post for…the WINNER of the farmhouse table giveaway is…

KELSEY HEITZMAN! Kelsey shared a ton for Welcome to the Woods on Instagram & Facebook. THANK YOU! I will send you a private message to arrange for you to pick up your new piece of furniture! I hope you love the table I built.

Thanks for reading today! I hope you give this super easy pallet wood arrows tutorial a try for yourself!

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Easy Pallet Wood Arrows Tutorial

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