Welcome to baby’s room! This is our home nursery where our littlest one sleeps and poops and plays. Right now it is accented in blue with a bird theme, but when my daughter was a baby, it was accented pink with a circle theme. We painted green so that it could go boy or girl depending on what colors we added to the decor. So let’s get right to the breakdown of costs.

Welcome to the nursery, baby's room in green and blueThis is what you see when you first enter the room.

The wall art I drew on with black sharpie. The room has an underlying bird theme and I thought a baby bird with his Momma was perfect.

Nursery design white changing table and espresso crib, you don't need to match paint/stain colors!
The crib, mattress, and fitted sheets were all presents we received at our daughter’s baby shower. I think the total of all these items comes to about $380, but we paid $0 for it all. How lucky are we!? Our families are so generous!

Nursery color scheme of blue & green with white & espresso furniture.
Simple crib with no bedding is that safest way to go for your baby! I love the hanging mobile tissue paper poofs over crib!
Paper lanterns on the ceiling came from Craigslist. I paid the lady $5 for ten of them and used them in my daughter’s room as well. The DIY pom poms I made from two packs of tissue paper that cost $3.50 total. They are secured in the center with a paperclip and hung with fishing line. You can learn to make your own tissue paper pom poms with this photo tutorial.

Learn how to make your own tissue paper poofs pom poms perfect for parties and kids room decor!

In this corner we have the changing table. I love the white furniture contrasting with the espresso. Don’t feel like you always need your colors and stains to match! The painting is an abstract piece I did framed with a garage sale frame I paid $1 for and painted black.

Changing table and crib furniture arrangement in an adorable nursery design. Paint baby's room in green and then it works with a boy or a girl!
Anyway, the dresser/changing table was $50 from Craigslist including delivery. It is not perfect, and it’s a cheap assemble-yourself style, but it works. It has more storage than most combo dressers I’ve seen and I like that it has a spot for the garbage. Now that I cloth diaper, I am really glad I bought a changing table with big drawers. The pull out bins are perfect for little towels and disposables at night time!

Changing table with tons of storage for cloth diapers!
The wipes warmer, changing pad, pad covers, etc were baby shower gifts. I didn’t clutter my registry with anything unpractical.

The lamp was a handmade gift from Stephen’s grandpa Mike. I spray painted the lampshade blue to fit with our decor. I think this handmade wooden lamp base makes my take on a DIY lamp pale in comparison.

A DIY lamp base carved from wood. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship!
The dark brown curtains were a garage sale find for $5 and the rod used to hang them cost me $1, also at a garage sale. Click to learn how to find great garage sales in your area!

Baby's nursery design and decor ideas.
On the other side of the room we have the rocking chair for night feedings. I don’t use it much anymore since I trained my baby to sleep through the night.

Nursery furniture placement of shelves & rocking chair, changing table & crib.

When I am breastfeeding, I use this handy spinning organizer to hold my essentials I need to grab while busy with baby.

Essentials to have on your tabletop next to where you'll breastfeed. Water, towel, and nipple cream.
The chair was another Craigslist find for $40. The pillows were $1.50 total at a thrift store.

Rocking chair and bookshelf in a room designed for small child.

The adorable decal on the wall was a splurge for $13 at Shopko. If you’ve seen the Dr. Seuss room, you know I probably should’ve just painted this on the wall myself. It’s been up since the first week we moved into our home 4 years ago; I’ve just been too lazy to create something more personalized.

Adorable wall decal of tree and little birds for nursery decor.
The mobile hanging in this corner was a DIY craft my friend Lexi and I made out of toilet paper rolls. We cut them up, painted them, and hung them with fishing line from a wire bent into a circle.

The tabletop decor cost $1 for the glittery branches (remember those from my Christmas tree?) and $2 for the two vases which I painted blue, all found at garage sales.

Glittery branches blue, silver, and green in turquoise vase

This awesome bookcase was originally from IKEA and I snagged it off Craigslist for $40. I plan to paint it white sometime in the future. I love all its storage, I talked about what a godsend this piece of furniture has been in my post about how to add storage at home.

Awesome IKEA shelving turned on its side to make a bookcase for children's books.

Tons of storage for books on IKEA bookshelves, all easily accessible to little kids!
Last is the closet; we are ready with diapers for baby #3! Since my son is still in his cloth diapers, we have his clothes where we change him, even though he doesn’t sleep in the crib anymore. 

Baby clothes organized in small closet

As you can see, I need to do laundry. I’m not going to count how much we spent on clothes and toys and whatnot because this is mostly about the furniture and decor of each room. Just know I only buy secondhand for my children’s attire and I never buy toys. You accumulate so many toys through various gifts and hand me downs, it’s not worth buying them.

Baby clothes organized hanging in closet, folded into shoe organizer
The grand total is $163
. Secondhand is the man people. Well, secondhand and baby shower gifts.

If you enjoyed this post, you will love looking at what my other bedrooms cost: the Dr. Seuss room and master bedroom, both full of DIY projects.

Wall hanging for the nursery with cute quote, "A Family is a little world created by love."

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