Over the last year I have done some minor things to our home that have really boosted our curb appeal. I am excited to show you the changes that have made a major impact. Boost your curb appeal this summer by taking some of my ideas.

Remove Overgrown Foliage & Obstructive Trees

When we moved in, there was this giant pine tree growing ten feet in front of the house. The tree blocked the entire view of the house and killed a large portion of grass underneath it. This is a picture from the front of the house.

I like evergreens, but they’re more for privacy hedges in my opinion.

Overgrown trees removed to improve curb appeal.This was the view of our home from the street before we removed the tree.

After three years of pleading with my husband, I finally got him to succumb because I found a really good deal. A tree service knocked on our door and I negotiated a price of $150 to have the tree taken down and the stump ground, we kept the wood. After new grass had seeded, the front of our house was more open and our curb appeal greatly improved.

The last step to replacing siding is painting and caulking.

Replace Worn Siding

There is old Masonite siding from the late 1980’s on our home. We were planning to replace all the siding, but after getting quotes and pricing out replacement pieces, we decided to take on fixing the broken parts ourselves rather than residing the whole house. There was really only an issue with rot near the ground on the side of the house and woodpecker holes on the front of the house.

Wood pecker holes in siding on house

You would be amazed how easy it is to replace this kind of siding, and a 16′ replacement board only costs around $12! Each board is overlapping and simply nailed in. Where each board joins is a metal insert that protects the crack from getting water or bugs living in between.

Old masonite siding

I started by ripping off the siding with a hammer and flat crow bar. The area that is black is where the siding was ripped off.

Ripping off old siding to replace rotten pieces

The lighter colored pieces of siding were the replacement siding. This was definitely a two person job as extra hands were needed to hold up the piece of siding while the other person hammered. Fortunately, my sister was available to help me with this.

Replacing siding on front of our house was easier than we thought and saved us the expense of residing the whole thing!

The last step was to push caulking in the crevices and paint everything the matching color.

Paint Front Door

The next phase of our curp appeal boost was to redo the front door. A couple coats of paint and a good wipe down of all the built-up dirt brought our red door that I painted four years ago some new life.

Front door refresh, turquoise paint before and after transformation cheerful color

Adding a front door wreath is always a welcoming touch! Somewhere along the line we also added that modern wood bench.

Beautiful front entry to bilevel, split foyer house. Bench and bright teal front door make it inviting!

Our cheerful new front door brought a lot of fun to the front entrance.

Plant Flowers And Perennial Landscaping

I added flower gardens around the entire perimeter of our house since moving in almost six years ago. However, it’s only been in the last year I have felt like the perennial plants have produced a beautiful landscape to frame our home. To fill in empty spaces of the flower gardens, I did two things.

  • I added large rocks throughout the landscape to add texture and interest.
  • I purchased $5 worth of flowering annuals to boost the curb appeal.

Various perennial plants fill the flower beds surrounding this house, low maintenance landscaping to boost your curb appeal

In the hanging baskets I did hybrid impatients and the ground received normal impatients as well as petunias. I chose all white flowers this year to help the new front door color really stand out. In the past I’ve planted red flowers to compliment our old red door.

Boost Your Curb Appeal Before And After


The before and after is always fun to see the improvements!

This is the original listing photo.

House before any changes

Here is a photo from the front with the old tree in the way, no flower gardens, and deteriorating siding.

House before changes and updates to boost curb appeal

This is after our efforts to boost our curb appeal.

Boost your curb appeal with these simple tips that cost very little money!

House got a boost of curb appeal with landscaping, tree removal, front door refresh, and siding replacement.

Other things I have considered are adding shutters, window boxes with flowers, and doing an addition on our entry foyer. I don’t know if any of those things will ever happen, but I’d love to know what you think of those ideas? Do you have any other suggestions for ways you can boost your curb appeal or mine? I would like to hear from you!

Signature welcome to the woods


Boost Your Curb Appeal This Summer

2 thoughts on “Boost Your Curb Appeal This Summer

  • August 24, 2017 at 2:37 PM

    Looks good! Shutters would be nice on the top. You could curve out the flower bed (kind of like an S) and take it down the driveway on the one side to breakup all the straight lines of the house, add some small ornamental trees and flowering bushes for easy upkeep. I think a red/burgundy Japanese maple would look good between the 2 bottom windows. Lots of white flowers. A nice lamp post would look good too. Some black urns on each side of the garage maybe. Not everyone likes mulch but I think it pulls everything together comes in different colours but my fav is the black one. Hope this gives you some more inspiration, and thank you for sharing all of your ideas they are all very helpful. I especially liked your canvas abstract painting in your living room and will be doing that project when we move into our new home. 🙂

    • August 27, 2017 at 10:10 PM

      Hey Patricia!

      Thank you for leaving your comment! It gave me some good ideas, I have considered shutters in the past and still haven’t made a final decision about that. I appreciate you reading my blog! Hope you visit again in the future.



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