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When I worked through my house painting all the trim white, I decided in both our upstairs bedrooms and the entryway closet to remove the doors. Removing closet doors worked great for me because I liked the added visual space and I was ready to get organized. Organize your closet alongside me with these three easy steps I did to make my closets work without doors.

Step 1: Make Organizers For the Top Shelf

If you are not ready to splurge for custom closet organizers, make your own for just pennies! I upcycled a bunch of diaper boxes to organize the top shelf of our entryway closet. The boxes hold all my children’s little outdoor gear: mittens, shoes, hats, scarves, etc. All you need is an old box, fabric, and a hot glue gun. Find out how to make these organizers for your closet here.

Removing your closet doors can actually open up a space and help you stay organized!

You can also watch the video tutorial on Hometalk TV’s facebook page here.

Step 2: Put Drawers on The Floor

The floor of the closet often becomes a pile of clothes or stuff, but not if it is organized. Use cubbies, drawers, or a short dresser on the floor of your closet to force your stuff to be organized. In our master closet, I placed a laundry basket alongside two cubby drawers which hold small clothing items for my husband and me.

Organize your closet after removing the doors by implementing these three easy steps!

Step 3: Fit It All In With Clever Storage

At one point, I had to fit two children’s full wardrobes in one small closet in our home’s nursery. I did this by utilizing a hanging shoe organizer for their pants and non-hanging clothes. Then I hung a second hanging area across with a tension rod. The hanging bag is laundry.

full closet baby stuff

I do this today in our Dr. Seuss room for my two oldest children who share a closet. I do not use shoe organizers, but those plastic cubby drawers instead. These options are clever ways to utilize the space and store more without investing in custom fit closet organizers.

Organize your closets in 3 easy steps and make the most of your home's storage space.

Organize Your Closet

A lot of our home’s closets are pretty stuffed, but that’s because we live in a home with minimal storage space. If you have more closet space than me, using these principles to organize your closet will produce even better results! Let me know other ways you make the most of your closet space. Also–would you ever consider closets without doors in your home?

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Organize Your Closet in Three Easy Steps

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