So you know I’ve already refreshed my front door with a bright teal color and cleaned up my garage door entrance to the house. My entryway makeover series is about improving the entrance of my home to a place that is modern and inviting. When I got started it looked like this:

Outdated oak entryway get a major change in this entryway makeover

The balustrade you see to the left was revamped in November and really changed the look of my house to a more modern feel. See how I redid the stair railing here.

Stair Railing DIY Makeover. This baluster went from old, outdated oak to sleek metal bars with a modern white newel post.

However, the rest of the entry stayed outdated and ugly until this past month when I got busy painting.

Outdated entryway makeover, come see the amazing after photos after some paint and big changes!

First, I tackled the garage door entrance. I painted both the inside and outside of the door black so you could no longer see all the dirt that accumulates there. (Look by the door handle…ew).

Old entryway before photos, I love a good makeover!

From inside the garage, this door now looks like this:

Painting your garage entrance door black will prevent dirt and grime from showing as quickly.

The next thing I did was paint all the trim white! I have had a LOT of experience painting trim white. The entryway was tedious with three doorways, but I completed the space in one week.

Paint the door to your garage black to hide the grime and dirt that builds up on it.

This is the door that enters into the garage now that everything is painted. I just love the combo of black doors and white trim.

The next thing I did was remove the closet doors. I’ve done this in our nursery and master bedroom now and enjoy it. Not having closet doors makes the room feel larger and forces me to keep more organized.

Removing your closet doors can actually open up a space and help you stay organized!

Click to learn how to make those inexpensive (I made them for free) organizers on my top shelf.

The front door was also painted the same color on the inside and outside.

Painting your interior entryway doors a color different than the trim is a fun way to add interest to a small space.

It brings some brightness and color into the space.

Paint the outside AND inside of your front door a cheery, bright color like teal.

Over-all, my entryway looks more inviting, open, and bright.

Redo your home's entrance; entryway makeover series to make your home's first impression the best it can be!

I’m so glad I took the time to complete the entryway makeover because entering my home every day has made me much happier than before.

Our entryway makeover was a success! White trim, reorganized closet, and painted doors give this space a new look!

Entryway Makeover Before & After

Here are some before and after photos!

Removing your closet doors can actually open up a space and help you stay organized!

Painted trim white and door black to update entryway space and give it a modern style.

This entryway makeover took the whole space went from 1980’s outdated oak to bright & modern.

Entryway makeover, completely changing the outdated oak from the 80's and updating our house with a birght, modern look.

I love seeing the satisfying results of my hard work in the before and after photos! Tell me what you thought of this makeover? I would love for you to share it with your friends!
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Entryway Makeover Part 3: Interior Paint

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